I thought the name "gun museum" was fairly straightforward, but the actual experience was a little different.
The Teppokan goes beyond displays of firearms and offers a chance to learn about Tanegashima as a whole, from history, to culture, ethnic groups, geology, and living creatures.

The exhibits of the museum cover much of Tanegashima, though the featured area focuses, of course, on guns.
A variety of guns are present, including ones made overseas as well as the matchlock of Yaita Kinbei, who succeeded at manufacturing firearms domestically.

The items on display differ in length and size, though all are impressive to look at.
I was slightly reluctant to admit it, but they did fascinate me.

Along the museum's step-by-step tour, I was surprised by the puppet show on the introduction of guns.

It may sound rude, but with neither attention nor concentration, I was able to easily understand the background of guns, including how they arrived and how they were manufactured. I can't belittle puppet shows anymore.

The museum exhibits range widely and cover more than just guns.
It would fit well at the beginning of your trip or in the middle.
It struck me as a nice place to stop by for a visit.

Sightseers who know the history of the arrival of guns will likely have a very different experience walking down to Cape Kadokura.
Knowing the stories of a region brings a new perspective to traveling.

Teppokan-Gun Museum

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