Kneading and shaping clay into something.
I think the last time I did this sort of thing was in elementary school.

First, I tried out hand spinning.
This method is for making pottery with just your hands and without a wheel.

You work the clay into a shape like a string, then wrap it around in coils.
With each coiled layer, it gets harder to keep it balanced.
But I think that's okay. Rather than a uniform cylinder, it's nice to have your own unique shape.
Imperfections breed affinity.


Next, I tried out a spinning wheel.
It's pretty common to see these on TV.
Doing it in real life, though, is hard. As the speed increases, the clay collapses right away.
It's great fun, and the mistakes just add to the enjoyment.
I slipped into a trance playing with the clay.
I felt like the pottery experience combined perfectly with the leisurely mood of Tanegashima.

I looked forward to a few days later when my creation would be sent to me after it was done firing.
It seems like it will make a very nice souvenir.

Hands-on Pottery Experience

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