There is a shrine quietly nestled in the northern interior of the island. Its name is Oku Shrine.
I heard from a resident that it is worth a visit because of a huge, majestic tree by the shrine. So, I decided to head out to see for myself.

I said a prayer in front of the torii and slowly entered the grounds.
The crunch of my footsteps on the gravel made a nice sound as I walked toward the shrine, soon seeing a huge ficus tree rising up on the left. I gulped at its size.

I had not seen such a massive tree before.
Countless roots that would normally be hidden underground were actually above ground and stretching skyward.
The scattered roots congregated at one point, from which branches grew out in four directions.
It was totally bizarre and unusual, making something I had never seen before.

img_story_01.jpg img_story_02.jpg

Scenes from a popular animated movie ran through my mind.
It seemed like part of the tree had leapt off the screen and come into real life.

There were comments of amazement that did not really fit with the quiet atmosphere:

Seeing the huge size and the eerie roots, I was involuntarily overwhelmed and had quite a mystical feeling.
This was further enhanced by the fact that I was on the grounds of a shrine.
It seemed like it was sharing a mysterious force with me.
And, I don't think I'm the only one who got this experience.

Ficus superba quietly soaring in the interior of Tanegashima.
Its presence will continue to remain with me.

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