Traveling down Route 58 from Nishinoomote City to Nakatane Town, I passed the Sunset Line and two unusual rocks appeared on the right.
These rocks, called Otatsu-Metatsu, are one of Nakatane Town's attractions.
They take their name from a certain legend.

"Once upon a time, there lived a happy couple named Tatsugoro and Tatsue. However, one evening during a violent storm, the two were cast into the sea when the cliff collapsed.
 At the same spot, there were two rocks that appeared to stand together as one cheerful pair.
 Before people knew it, they became called Otatsu-Metatsu, perhaps as a reincarnation of the married couple."

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The sun was just setting when I visited and it nestled slowly between the two rocks as it descended.
The ocean's surface shone red and made a crimson path that streaked through the middle of the rocks.

Rather than splitting the two apart, it was more like the light illuminated their passion.
With this tale of togetherness even after rebirth in a different form, I got the sense that there may be blessings that come from a fulfilling relationship.

I thought of the person I cared for and made a wish at that moment.


Otatsu-Metatsu Rocks

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