If you ask someone on the island, "What's nice about Tanegashima?" many would name Urata Beach.
I steered my car in the direction of this beach that charms the locals.

The distance to our destination changed to a countdown of anticipation and we headed further and further north while holding our excitement in check.
The drive was about 20 minutes from Nishinoomote City.
A small cheer went up inside the car when we saw the sign for the entrance.
We quickly took the road leading to the beach and, when we crested a small hill, our anticipation reached a peak.

Before our eyes, the gorgeous scenery of a painting leapt into view.
Blue water, white sand, and green mountains soaring above the beach.
All of the colorful contrasts the Earth had to offer created a stunning vista across the beach.

Diving straight into the water, our next surprise was how clear it was.
We could see our feet as if looking through glass. Even under water, we could leave our eyes wide open.
The beautiful scenery of Urata extends both above and below the water's surface.
Shaped like an inlet, the area is quiet and its waves gentle, offering a delightful gift for visitors.

My list of favorite beaches just grew by one.
It looks like this island tour may bring many new favorites.

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