It's bizarre. When I stand in the presence of a waterfall, I feel as if my spirit is quieted.
Perhaps the sound of falling water, the chirping of birds, and the rustling of trees washes away stagnant energy in my soul.

The falls in Nakatane are twin falls, with the upper one called Obuchi and the lower one called Mebuchi.
These two falls, ensconced in foliage, quietly purified me.
That's the feeling I received.


This is an atmosphere you have to hike deep into the mountains to experience, but Nakatane has a nearby parking lot, which makes these falls blissfully accessible.

If you walk further back past Obuchi and Mebuchi Waterfall, there is one more small cascade to discover.
Seeing it as the offspring of the twins, I christened it Kobuchi Falls (ko- being a prefix indicating "child").
It had barely any height at all and was a very adorable waterfall. And, it too soothed me.

None of these falls, including Kobuchi Falls, are giants.
They do not overwhelm one with their power.
But, I enjoyed the calmness and felt a little cleansed spiritually.
Perhaps this was just the right scale for me, not too much and not too little.


Obuchi and Mebuchi Waterfall

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