That's a description of the type of campsite I wanted.
The eastern shore of Nakatane Town offered just such a place.

Natural Recreation Village is adjacent to Kumano Beach.
The ocean spreads out like a wide-open panorama.
Offshore in the distance, there's a row of huge rocks that makes the scenery resemble a painting.
Closer to shore, there are mangrove forests that offer the chance to encounter flora and fauna.


When evening comes, the setting sun illuminates the offshore rocks in what is like a great work of art drawn by nature.
I only gazed at it, but it left me feeling like I had enjoyed a precious experience.

Dinner was also special.
The taste seemed so much better than eating at home or in a restaurant.
Perhaps the ocean and the vegetation combined to create an exceptional dinner table.

Later, after the sun went down, a twinkling world emerged.
While listening to the sound of the waves and enjoying the comfortable sea breeze, I lazily gazed at the stars.

There was no television, no video games, and no modern entertainment.
Yet, this felt more fulfilling than all of those.
A blissful day, I think, is one spent by the sea and under the stars.


Natural Recreation Village

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