As the name suggests, Nagahama is a very long beach stretching 12 kilometers.
Its white expanses continue as far as the eye can see.

Any mention of Nagahama Beach is lacking if it omits surfing.
Though usually blanketed in tranquility, when winds pick up or a typhoon is near, Nagahama becomes a prime spot for surfing.
On the day that I visited, I saw surfers waiting for waves.

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Nagahama is also famed for its sunsets.
I cannot forget the first time I saw the sunset on this beach.

The moment I got down to where I could catch a full view of the water, I was struck with a bolt of absolute awe.
The ruby glow of the sun had bathed the ocean's surface in a golden hue and traced a red streak directly toward me.

Any thought of moving a little closer or backing away instantly vanished and I gazed silently while standing on the white sand, listening to the sound of the gentle waves, and feeling the occasional calm breeze until the sun set.

This moment filled me with energy.
There are what they call "power spots," but they are not the only places that give us power.
From that day, part of me stayed at Nagahama during sunset.
It is etched in my memory as one of my most beloved places to watch the sun go down.

Nagahama Beach

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