I ran into a small sign that said, "Picture perfect Tanegashima."
It darted into view as I was driving north on Prefectural Route 75 from the middle of Nakatane Town.

There are various types of "picture perfect" views. Usually, the claim is made by a third party and not by the subject itself.
Adopting a critic's eye, I headed out to see the spot.


With a little doubt and without much expectation, I trekked up an easy slope to actually find a gorgeous view proving that the sign was no lie.

Brilliant green laurel forests were broken by unbelievably large and unusual rocks with the broad expanse of the ocean stretching out beyond. White clouds billowed in the blue sky.
There were no houses or other buildings, just open, natural landscape of wild and beautiful terrain.

This spot, and Amamegakura as well, are probably unrivaled for getting high vantage points of Tanegashima's scenery.
I think they are fairly precious finds on the island.

And, it doesn't hurt that this spot is so easy to access from the parking spaces along the prefectural road.
It is a good option when you are in the mood for a quick side trip.

Picture Perfect Tanegashima

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