Parking lots on Tanegashima are typically pretty uncrowded.
So, it was a shock to see this one as I passed.
It was packed with a huge number of cars.
I could tell that this park was clearly a popular spot.

With so many votes of approval, how could I pass it up?
I decided to follow the crowd and stop for a bit.

The name of the park is Taiyo-no-Sato and it offers sports-related facilities in a compact area.

The pool is particularly popular.
I could hear the boisterous voices of children at play.
In another section, I saw a lot of senior citizens enjoying a type of croquet, while other adults were walking and jogging in the track and field area.
So, this popular gathering spot was actually a place where lots of people came to exercise.


And, it also hid a secret attraction as well.
There is a power generating wind turbine that towers beside the track and field area.

It features prominently in the movie 5 Centimeters per Second and it had occasionally caught my eye as I was going around Nakatane Town.
The park offers a chance to get an up-close look at this local symbol.

Taiyo-no Sato is a stage for sports and a stage for cinematic art at the same time.
In the heart of Tanegashima, there is a park that brings people in droves.


Taiyo-no-Sato Athletic Park

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