The wind blows. The waves roll in.
A surfer on his board glides beautifully over a wave.
His expression is focused, but he's also having fun.

It looks like it feels great.

On the terrace of a restaurant next to the beach, I watched the impressive session of the rider and his wave becoming one.

On an island known for surfing, this beach is especially popular.
I had made my way here after hearing about the reputation of Kanehama Beach.

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But one question came to mind.
"Why Kanehama?"
I asked a surfer nearby and he politely explained, "This beach has the best conditions when the wind comes from inland (from the west) and makes it easier for good waves to form."
Apparently, this attracts people from on and off the island. The day that I visited, I saw people from outside Japan as well.

If I were a surfer myself, I would definitely head straight to this beach.
Paddle out with the rising sun and catch waves.
My imagination roamed, thinking of such a nice start to the day.
I felt some regret at having never gotten into surfing.

This beach, however, is still enjoyable if you are only taking in the scenery.
Perhaps because many visitors ride with such skill, you can see some brilliant surfing here.
I felt a little exhilarated, as if I were watching a professional tour event.
I let out a few involuntary gasps of amazement as I watched.
My lunch hour on the terrace turned into a special treat.


Kanehama Beach

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