It just popped out of nowhere.

On the way to Masuda Tracking and Communications Station, I looked out the car window and noticed a pretty tall smokestack.
From a distance, it seemed extraordinary.

I was surprised at its size as I got closer.
It's about ten meters tall.
I could sense the history in the layers of brick.
Aside from the smokestack, I also discovered the remains of a cookhouse and bathhouse.
A sign said that this was a food preparation facility and bathhouse during the Pacific War.


On the warm island of Tanegashima, this place had a chillier atmosphere about it.
That may be a fitting description of Tobata Smokestack.
Only this place seemed to have been lost in time.
It felt like a few vestiges of the war still persisted.

Thinking of the disheartening feeling left over from the war was painful.
It's important to learn about it from books and movies, but also first hand as well.
That was the thought this place left me with.

Tobata Smokestack

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