Customers flood through the door.
As soon as one leaves, the next one steps up.
Which is not unexpected, since this shop is famous for having sold winning tickets.

The winners have not just been huge cash outs, but also various other prizes, as I see lots of signs posted with the words "jackpot."

A shop employee told me that they get plenty of visitors from off-island as well, and that many like to buy a ticket here, then pay a visit to pray at Houman Shrine.


Reminding myself that I wouldn't win, I reached down for my wallet anyway.
After that, I made a beeline for Houman Shrine and said an earnest prayer.
I'm waiting impatiently for the day the winning numbers are announced.

In a variety of ways, this island is home to treasures: gorgeous scenery, beautiful nature, enticing food. Considering these lottery tickets, I guess it could literally be called "treasure island."

Tanegashima lottery
Lottery tickets may become one of the island's famous products.


Lottery Ticket Stand

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