This beach is larger than it looks.
With Chikura-no-Iwaya and the swimming area on one side, it stretches quite a way to the opposite end.

I wondered what was over there.
It seems like human nature to want to find out the answer to questions like this, so I decided to go and see.


What was waiting for me was a beautiful little stream.
Impressively clear water was flowing at the base of some large rocks with thick, green vegetation.
Ducks were flying gracefully overhead, enjoying the blue sky.
The feeling was one of refreshing beauty.


Something occurred to me as I was walking from one end of the beach to the other: the sand here is fascinating.

There are ripples all over the beach created by the ebb and flow of the waves.
The shoreline was an artistic canvas for the wind.

Twisting and bending like the shapes of waves, it might seem unbalanced if only observed in sections, but it had an overall beauty when seen from a wider perspective.

The wind whirrs and the sand shifts until the grains are moved into an intriguing landscape.

Staring at the sand felt more interesting than staring at the sea, and I became mesmerized tracing the lines.

There are more ways to enjoy the beach than swimming in the water.


Hamada Beach

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