I found another world that was like something from the pages of a book.
Mangroves grew thick across a wide-open, expansive area, creating scenery that made me think I had come to the South Pacific.

A boardwalk cutting through the greenery made it possible to stroll around.
I took my first ever close-up view of the mangrove trees while enjoying the gentle wind coming off the ocean.

Looking down toward the roots, I saw hundreds of crabs!
Some were scrambling around, others squaring off to fight like sumo wrestlers, and even some, surprisingly, climbing the trees.
I focused on one of the rustling branches and noticed a crab ascending like a monkey.
The mangrove forest was full of peculiar spectacles.

img_story_01.jpg img_story_02.jpg

Above all, though, the highlight of visiting this park was kayaking.
We glided through the slow-moving river amongst a type of thriving mangrove called K. obovata.
Looking around, I still saw crabs in every nook and cranny.
Gobies speeding through the water overtook us from behind.
It was interesting because I felt like I was spying on the activity of many organisms.

The time just flew by.
At the Mangrove Park, I got the chance to take a small trip into the natural world.


Tanegashima Mangrove Park

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