At that moment, I had come to a graveyard.
These were ruins from people who had lived 1,700 years ago.
The location was a hill with a sweeping view of the Pacific.

It had a wonderful atmosphere with gentle wind and waves, and amazing scenery.
There was also plenty of plant life, so the setting was calm. It did not feel like a place with tombstones.

The Hirota people had decided to build their cemetery in this marvelous place with its wonderful view.
The Hirota Ruins Museum, which has excellent details on these people, sits at the entrance to the site.


At the museum, I learned that the Hirota had a penchant for style.
It appears that they fashioned shells into accessories to wear.
Furthermore, they ventured to nearby islands in search of shells.
This must have been quite a grand adventure for the sake of personal chic.
I felt a little guilty for my history of having casually used the phrase "fashion to die for."
These people had actually lived those words.


Looking at their grave site, they seemed like people who loved beautiful things. We had been born in entirely different ages, but we had a few ideas in common.

The ruins are a national historic site, in addition to being the resting place of people who loved looking good.


Hirota Ruins Museum

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