A lucky day...
It was my chance to try Tanegashima's local breed of chicken.
Its name is Ingie chicken.

From a large menu of choices, I picked oyako-don and yakitori.
Wow, it was quite firm for chicken meat.
It had a lot of chewiness. The flavor was deep and it paired well with rice.
I finished my meal in a flash and expressed my gratitude for the delicious experience.
Other choices included tobanyaki and chicken sashimi, which I would also like to try.


Ingie chicken, though, was not originally a local breed on Tanegashima.
Cultivation started after Ingie came to the island about 120 years ago. They were a gift of gratitude from a British ship that needed rescuing after running aground offshore.
Their name is a clue to their origins: Ingie chickens received as a gift from the English.
Today, it has been designated a natural treasure in Kagoshima Prefecture.
Homebred Ingie are a crossbreed of the original Ingie and another variety.

According to a restaurant employee, Ingie has been a local delicacy for many years.
I can attest to the exquisite taste. Tanegashima Ingie homebred chicken.
A culinary delight you can only find on this island.

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