Typically, scenery is something fairly constant.
There are examples, however, where it continually changes.

From Cape Kadokura, you get on Prefectural Route 75, head downhill toward the Space Center, and you'll come to a lookout point called Nanairo (Rainbow) Observatory. It offers sweeping views of the ocean and rice paddies.


Cobalt blue water, white sandy beach, green woods, expansive rice fields, and thickly forested hills.
These were lined up like the elements of a rainbow.
If you marry mountains with sea and shore, forest and field, you can make some pretty remarkable scenery.

But that was not the only view to enjoy.
As the clouds moved across the sun, a light show of shadows and variations began.
It was as if a spotlight were hitting different areas and changing their coloration to illuminate remarkable scenery.

Coming back in the evening, I was treated to a whole different palette of colors.
The area was bathed in the dim light of the sunset and had taken on a reddish glow.

This landscape tends to change expressions with the time of day. Nanairo can mean "rainbow" or "seven colors" and the name is fitting.
Partway up a hill, a small scenic overlook offered some small wonders.


Nanairo Observatory

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