On this clear day, there was not a cloud in the sky.
I headed out to Cape Kadokura first thing in the morning.
This spot, located at the southern extreme of Tanegashima, is well known as a historic place.

This has to do with the arrival of matchlocks.
Some 500 years ago, in 1543, a foreign ship drifted onto this shore.
Firearms brought by these Portuguese visitors later became manufactured on Tanegashima, then spread throughout Japan.
The history of matchlocks started on this cape.


Standing at the edge of the land with the wide ocean spreading out before me, I couldn't help but imagine the scene that day.
The encounter was with strangers on a ship that had crossed the ocean.
The newcomers wore different clothing and spoke a language that was not understood.
I wondered if I would have reached out to them at that time.

While staring at the horizon, I engaged in an internal interview with myself.

Would I have been able to welcome these people with open arms in an age when interaction with the outside world was not yet commonplace?
Wondering about this made me think that the residents of Tanegashima are truly warm-hearted people.
That island culture seems to have been handed down even to the present day.
Those were the kinds of thoughts that also came to mind.

In this place of historic events, there were many hidden insights to be gained.


Cape Kadokura

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