A calm atmosphere surrounded this harbor on the western shore of Minamitane Town.
Shimama Port is the standard arrival and departure point for regular service connecting Yakushima and Tanegashima, as well as a port of call for large passenger ships.
I had come here for a particular reason, though.

There is a very exciting visitor to this quiet harbor that doesn't come to any other.
Rockets. Rockets arrive at Shimama Port.


An oversized, white container is hoisted by a crane, then, at a slow, barely perceptible speed, carefully lowered to the ground of Tanegashima.

In that quiet setting, I too was quiet but exhilarated.

When evening came, the cargo started its journey to the launch site.
It made progress at a snail's pace--about the same speed as a person walking slowly.
Needless to say, as I watched the transportation of the rocket, I could tell that the container was being handled very gingerly.

The dreams of many people were on that rocket.
This is the place where you can get the closest sense of those dreams.
Shimama Port.

Shimama Port

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