Something I had been looking forward to about as much as my trip to the Space Center was shopping for space souvenirs.

I tend to be frugal, but on this occasion, quite the opposite was true.
I wanted things left and right.

The first thing I put in my cart was a commemorative pin.
These pins are issued to mark important milestones in space, such as when a rocket is launched or astronauts return from a mission.

I purchased a collector's pin to commemorate the recent rocket launch.
Looking at this pin will be a good way to conjure up my memories of the launch.
A pin like this not only looks cool, but is a great memento tied to special memories.


Of course, I also bought some space food. There was a lot to choose from, so I had trouble making up my mind.
It helped to hear the attendant's recommendation that space curry and takoyaki are popular, so I put those two in my cart.

The shopping spree didn't end there. I also got an astronaut smartphone stand, a plastic file folder with an illustration of a rocket, a JAXA T-shirt, and more.
I felt like it had been a while since I got so carried away with shopping.

Also available were limited edition Tanegashima T-shirts.
You can't buy them anywhere else.
This is the sort of thing that reels me in. Before I knew it, I had bought one.

It's good to be able to shop for things that you want, isn't it?
I felt happy inside.
The money I paid for these items was transformed into precious mementos.

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