Tonmi Market, right near Minamitane Town Hall, is what's called a local products store.
There's quite a variety of things for sale, including Minamitane Town agricultural and farm products, processed goods, folk crafts, pottery, and handicrafts.
If you are looking for souvenirs or other local items, this store may be worth a visit.
They even have a corner with space-related merchandise, so if you missed your first chance, you can find those items here.


With such a wide selection, I couldn't make up my mind.
None of the prices were very high, but none of the items can be found anywhere else.
I carefully tried to pick out perfect gifts that would make my family and co-workers happy.
After lots of back and forth, I settled on Annou sweet potato and Tanegashima brown sugar.
I bought a bit more than I could easily carry home, but the store has a service where they can mail purchases for you.
Who doesn't want to cut down on carry-on baggage?


The origin of their slightly unique name (Tonmi) comes from the word for friend in the local dialect (similar to tomodachi in standard Japanese).
True to their name, the atmosphere of the store is pleasant and amiable.
I recommend stopping by. It feels like dropping in to visit a friend.

Special Products Centre (Tonmi Market)

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