The water's surface is also a boundary line between the terrestrial and submarine realms.
Entering the almost transparent water, I found a world waiting for me that was altogether different from the on-shore world.


While following the instructor's directions, we descended. Before enjoying the scenery, I first had to learn how to move and gradually let my body get comfortable underwater.
Since this was my first time, I was nervous all through the early stages.
With time, however, I relaxed more and was able to start appreciating my surroundings.

First off, I encountered fish.
A school of juvenile sardines, as well as filefish, damselfish, and large schools of other fish sped by me.
Then there were clusters of coral. I watched in amazement and, as tropical fish swam closer to me, a beautiful marine world emerged.
This realm that I had never seen before, and the feeling of zero gravity, made the water seem like another version of outer space.


The instructor explained,
"Tanegashima has tropical fish as well as aquatic life from northern latitudes, so the variety is very rich."

Both Tanegashima and the undersea world held many encounters, in addition to holding my interest.

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