The signature spirit of Kagoshima is imojochu (sweet potato shochu).
Tanegashima is no exception.

After the sun had set and the night was good and dark, I stepped into an izakaya pub (one whose lights would not dim for many hours to come) and tried a type of imojochu called Kanro.
This spirit is made from Annou sweet potato.
It is smooth, goes down easy, has a sweetness to it, and feels thick on the tongue.
Ending the day with this great flavor is a perfect way to cap things off.


On Tanegashima, each town--Nishinoomote, Nakatane, and Minamitane--has its own brewery.
In each area, shops almost exclusively carry the local shochu and customers loyally drink only their particular variety.
This shows the strong affinity they have for their home towns.

As a tourist, I diligently sampled products from each of the four breweries every time I came to a new part of the island.
It was a veritable drinking tour.

Each spirit was something I would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.
As with food, enjoying local alcohol is one of the joys of travel.

Commune with nature during the day and imbibe shochu at night.
The good feeling never ends.

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