The many essential ingredients of traveling include taking in gorgeous scenery, meeting new people, and exploring historical spots, though certainly last but not least is enjoying new kinds of food.

Tanegashima is blessed with amazing waters, so the bounty from the sea is no surprise.

Some of the most popular seafood on Tanegashima includes flying fish, blue sprat, locust lobster, red frog crab, tokobushi abalone, and kamenote (Japanese goose barnacle).

Upon trying them, each one was delicious.
It was not my typical choice, but on this occasion, I opted for a seafood dinner almost every night.


Tokobushi abalone and kamenote were particularly impressive.
I had the tokobushi abalone grilled with miso.
I loved the crisp texture and the tenderness (without any of the toughness of shellfish).

Next, the kamenote.
My first impression was aversion. I drew away when I saw the grotesque appearance, but I made myself try it and was pleasantly surprised.
Before I knew it, I was munching on piece after piece, like it was edamame.

If you go ahead and try it, the natural bounty of Tanegashima is quite delicious.
The gifts of the sea are part of the gifts of travel.

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