Incredibly sweet.
It was like a pastry.
Was this really potato?
If I had eaten it blindfolded, I think I would have totally guessed wrong.

The flavor is very rich, as if it were filled with honey.
This was my first time to try Annou sweet potato on Tanegashima.


This variety of sweet potato, now becoming a more familiar name, originated from the Annou district of Tanegashima.
On this trip, I had the chance to try it fresh out of the oven in the place where it actually comes from.

I heard from one of the producers that this is a flavor you can't find anywhere else.
Maybe the landscape of Tanegashima, the trial and error that has taken place, and the history of cultivation are what bring out this taste.

Tanegashima's Annou sweet potato.
It is an indispensable part of visiting this island.

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