I found a poster that piqued my interest when I was at the Hirota Ruins Museum.
The poster said, "Space Art Tanegashima."
Apparently, the island would host an arts festival in the summer of 2017.
My heart leapt at the exciting combination of space and art.


The place where the poster was hung had a variety of promotional displays from past events.
Of those, the most eye-catching one was an exhibit called Iwaya-no-Hoshigatami.
This was an art project that changed the interior of Chikura-no-Iwaya cave into a depiction of the starry sky.
I was excited just thinking about it.
Having stars fill the cave while the chorus of the waves echoed in the background must have been a wonderful, fantasy-like setting.


Tanegashima is also an island with an artistic side.
Cliffs shoulder to shoulder, swaying fields of sugar cane, blue sky, striking sunsets, and starry nights.
Whichever scene you choose could be snipped out and placed in the frames of a painting.
I was so anxious and excited to see how the island setting would be made even better by bringing space and art together.
I was sure that the arts festival would be a thrilling experience.

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