Disembarking at Tanegashima Airport made me realize that I had come to a far-off destination.
An intense sun was waiting to greet me.
The different environment ratcheted up my excitement bit by bit and I bounded out of the airport.
I came face to face with a procession of palm trees.
These distinctively tropical trees told me that I had come to a southern island.

Tanegashima has two gateways. The first is Tanegashima Airport.
The facilities include one souvenir shop and one café.
Its location is in the center of the island, for easy access to either the north or the south.


And the other is Nishinoomote Port in northern Tanegashima.
It has several souvenir shops and more hustle and bustle than the airport.
The office for the Tanegashima Tourism Association is at the port, which makes it a convenient arrival point if you need visitor information.

On my way back to Tokyo, this was the port I used.
The end of a voyage is always a little melancholy.
I let the intense sun spill over my entire body and kept staring at the scenery from the port.

As I was stepping onto the jetfoil, my heart was filled with all of the adventures and encounters I had had on this island.
Thank you for the amazing trip, Tanegashima.


Tanegashima airport Nishinoomote port

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