On this day, I skipped the bath at my hotel and decided to give the hot springs a try.
I had put my body through a lot of activity from kayaking, snorkeling, and other recreation. Now, I wanted to just relax and soak in a huge bath.


The name of the bath I visited was Akaogi-no Yu, in the urban part of Nishinoomote city.
The red lanterns lined up outside the building drew me inside.

When I entered the changing room, the white steam and the sound of buckets and faucets from the bathing area piqued my excitement.


Bliss awaited. I washed myself then slipped into the hot water.
"Aaah," I let out a spontaneous sigh.
The heat seeped through me from my core to my skin and coaxed the fatigue away.
The sign above the doorway read, "Free-flowing from the source."
I moved to the open-air bath and enjoyed some peaceful moments gazing at the stars above.

Returning to the main bath, I happened to run into a local I had met the other day.
She told me that she sometimes comes to this hot spring.
We got to talking about all kinds of things, from stories about the island to stories about our love interests.

Tanegashima's hot springs are not only places to relax away fatigue, but also places for reunions.
My chance encounter was with a very pleasant evening.

I was told that Nakatane Town and Minamitane Town also have hot spring facilities and each offers a different type of water.
It seems like it would be fun to try each one and compare the differences.


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