It was my first time to experience the sight of water fighting itself.

This is where the current of the East China Sea mixes with the Black Current of the Pacific Ocean, as if each is wrestling to prove its strength.
The line of demarcation where current butts against current generates triangular waves grappling with each other.
I remembered that a local had told me about these "triangular waves."

I had come to Kishikazaki Lighthouse in the island's extreme north after hearing about this sight that one rarely finds in Japan.
From the lookout point, you can gaze north to see Osumi Strait, which cuts through international waters.
Beyond it lies Osumi Peninsula, the southernmost point of Kyushu, with its mountain ridgeline traced in dark shadows. The view here is stunning.


Within this initially beautiful scene, a pitched battle plays out.
Waves from each side constantly pound their counterpart as ocean collides with ocean.

I had always thought of the ocean as a single entity.
But I was wrong.
There are many oceans, and at their boundaries, endless battles are fought.
I felt like I had caught a glimpse of the sea that I had never known before.

In the north of the island, I encountered an ocean I had never seen before.


Kishikazaki Lighthouse

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