You know you've come to a high place by the strength of the wind on your cheeks.
Amamegakura is said to be the highest point on Tanegashima.

I thought there was a chance I'd find decent view.
I headed out for the spot with minimal expectations.

I climbed a slightly steep staircase and the boardwalk beyond it,
huffing and puffing as I went. Little by little, I became out of breath.
"But, it takes a little sweat to get to a grand view."
That's what I told myself as I kept walking and saw a round observation shelter come into the foreground.

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I made it. And I looked around to find quite a view.
The sea, green landscape, and sky flowed together and spread out before me.
The vista was amazing and the scenery satisfying.

Feeling a bit excited, I struck out for the other viewpoint, Amamegakura Park.

It, too, was impressive.

The gentle edges of farm plots connected one to another, stretching to the blue water with the horizon beyond.
The bucolic scenery wrapped around in a panorama.
For a moment, I almost started to drift into a vision of being transported from an outer island in the Far East to some pastoral landscape in the West.

My spirits picked right up.
And I noticed the corners of my mouth rising in a grin.
Beautiful scenery brings smiles. Smiles on the face and smiles in the heart.

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